Systematization of Nutritional Care In Endoscopic Treatment for Obesity

Purpose Propose the systematization of nutritional care in the endoscopic treatment of obesity.
Method This is a bibliographical review, since the initial proposal was a systematic review. This method became unfeasible duto the inexistence of studies that address this theme. Thus, a bibliographic survey was carried out, considering the endoscopic treatment as a restrictive treatment, as well as the information referring to case reports and multicentric studies.
Results Nutrition participation involves nutritional assessment and diagnosis, dietary planning pertinent to the adequate evolution of food consistency, as well as the use of food supplements compatible with the Gastric Sleeve due to food restriction. The Bariatric Plate Model (BPM) can be useful in the nutritional education of the patient after gastric endosuture, associated with water consumption and the performance of scheduled physical exercise, as well as periodic monitoring with the multiprofessional team.
Conclusions Specialized nutritional care is necessary, through a protocol of nutritional assistance defined after gastric endosuturein order to achieve long-term weight loss and maintenance goals. The BPM can be an excellent form of nutritional education, observing protein intake as a macronutrient base.

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